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Overall quantity of Collections and Products

#products in site: 2747 {if this number is different, remember to manually load gift cards}
#collections in site: 31

Individual Collection product counts

Bags + Wallets 31
BBQ + Picnic 78
Beach + Pool 25
Bed + Bath 51
Bowls Plates Platters 11
By Category 0
Candles 15
Clothing 103
Cups Mugs Glassware 15
Cushions + Throws 36
Decorative 74
Entertaining 58
Fashion 169
For Her 180
For Him 50
Fragrance + Body 31
Frames + Art 31
Frontpage 0
Gifts 292
Home + Living 135
Home Fragrance 9
Jewellery + Accessories 47
Linen + Textiles 20
Lotions + Potions 15
Online Shop 0
Our Interior Styling 0
Outdoor 87
Rugs 3
Serving 15
Staff Picks 142
Weddings 121

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Online Shop online-shop
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Home + Living collection /collections/home-living
Entertaining collection /collections/entertaining
Fashion collection /collections/fashion
Fragrance + Body collection /collections/fragrance-body
Outdoor collection /collections/outdoor
Gifts collection /collections/gifts

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Entertaining entertaining
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Bowls Plates Platters collection /collections/bowls-plates-platters
Serving collection /collections/serving
Linen + Textiles collection /collections/linen-textiles
Cups Mugs Glassware collection /collections/cups-mugs-glassware

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Fashion fashion
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Clothing collection /collections/clothing
Bags + Wallets collection /collections/bags-wallets
Jewellery + Accessories collection /collections/jewellery-accessories

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Outdoor outdoor
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BBQ + Picnic collection /collections/bbq-picnic
Beach + Pool collection /collections/beach-pool

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Gifts gifts
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For Her collection /collections/for-her
For Him collection /collections/for-him
Weddings collection /collections/weddings

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Home + Living home-living
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Bed + Bath collection /collections/bed-bath
Cushions + Throws collection /collections/cushions-throws
Decorative collection /collections/decorative
Furniture + Rugs collection /collections/rugs
Frames + Art collection /collections/frames-art

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Fragrance + Body fragrance-body
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Candles collection /collections/candles
Home Fragrance collection /collections/home-fragrance
Lotions + Potions collection /collections/lotions-potions

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Interior Styling Gallery interior-styling-gallery
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Furniture Packages http
TLC Furnishings Package http
Picnic Point http
Gaia House http
Caprice http
South Yarra Residence http
McIntosh Residence http
Sommersea http
The Lakes 2 http
Natural Harvest Wholefoods http
Sunshine Coast Airport http
Whitehaven http
Sunshine Beach Central http
Element On Coolum http
The Lakes http


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