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Biodegradable Dish Cloth - Daisy

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  • Replace around 17 rolls of paper towel. Machine washable, biodegradable.
  • Machine Washable
  • 100% Biodegradable

Swedish Dish Cloths are made from a blend of cotton and cellulose. They are super absorbent (around 15x to 20x their own weight), machine washable (up to 200 times), and when you're done with them, they can go in the compost. They dry quickly and can replace both sponges and paper towel in your home. Each Swedish Dish Cloth can replace around 17 rolls of paper towel over its lifespan.

Most people can use the same Swedish Dish Cloth for around 6 months with regular use and washing.

Measurements 18 x 20cm
Main Material Cellulose & Cotton
Cleaning Job Replace sponges and paper towel
Made In Sweden
Care Instructions Machine wash or top rack dishwasher safe

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