Dricoper - Latest Brand

We are thrilled to introduce Dricoper into Watermelon Red!

Dricoper Denim was created with a Vintage Concept in Mind - the Ability to wear your Denim over and over again. Born in the Back Streets of Sydney, their Concept is Simple and has guided them towards choosing Durable Denim Fabrics that can Sustain Repeated Washes. To get that Distinct Vintage Look, they added a Unique Dry Denim Process, and their name was born ‘dry-cope-r denim’.
With rigorous attention to detail and passionate belief that denim should be free from harmful chemicals, they use hand scraping and pumice stone abrasion techniques with no toxic sandblasting.
Over 20 Years of Experience have allowed them to create versatile denim styles with a distinctly vintage look.

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